Fit for School Inc. is a Philippine Non-Governmental Organization committed in supporting the government’s health and education sectors in their efforts to achieve the child-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Fit for School aims to promote the simple and cost-effective Essential Health Care Package (EHCP) in public elementary schools, preschools and day care centers.

The Essential Health Care Program is a national flagship program of the Department of Education, supported by international development partners such as GTZ, CIM, Inwent as well as corporate partners.

The Essential Health Care Package (EHCP) consists of three interventions: daily hand washing with soap, daily tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste and a biannual deworming activity. These are all conducted in public institutions such as public schools and day care centers. The package successfully addresses the high-impact childhood diseases in the Philippines. Thus, if implemented on a mass scale, it is expected to make a significant contribution towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals:

  • To achieve universal primary education
  • To reduce major childhood diseases
  • To develop global partnership for development

The Fit for School activities focus on health and education sector capacity development. This will support the institutionalization of the Essential Health Care Program as part of the daily school activity. By using the school system for health programs, it has achieved a worldwide success and has resulted in markedly improved health outcome indicators at an extremely low cost. This program can be implemented in almost all schools, even in under-resourced locations.

Developing Partnerships for Development
Fit for School Inc. started in the Philippines as a public-private-partnership between German Development agencies CIM / GTZ, InWEnt and corporate partner GlaxoSmithKline. The Essential Health Care Program is open to partnerships on local, national, regional and global levels.