It is a promising school year for high schools students of all public schools in the province as the Provincial Government and the Department of Education (DepEd) Division of Bohol implements the Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) when classes open this Monday. The Provincial Government and DepEd had signed the Memorandum of Agreement on the implementation of the DLP in public secondary schools effective School Year 2011 – 2012.

A strong program needs communicators who will help people understand its substance. Gov. Edgar M. Chatto challenged high school teachers of public schools throughout the province to help achieve a unified set of actions to support a program that is bound to succeed. This he echoed during the launching of the Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) on Friday at the Bohol Cultural Center. Chatto pointed out the strengths of the learning-by-doing innovation conceived by 2010 Ramon Magsaysay awardees and physicists and scientists Drs. Christopher and Ma. Victoria Bernido. It has been our dream for Bohol’s educational system to be the best in the country, Chatto said while recalling events that led to the initiative to make Bohol a pilot province for the full implementation of the DLP.

Realizing that the DLP is a huge shift from the age-old method of teaching, Dr. Chris Bernido had also explained, in the overview he presented during the program, of the difference between the conventional system and the DLP where 70-80% of the time, students learn independently and teacher intervention is limited to 20 – 30 minutes per week.

The new way of delivering education was created by the Bernidos in 2002 with the goal of Filipino students, Boholano students especially, to be able to compete worldwide despite limited resources in a changing educational landscape. The DLP maximizes learning by veering away from passive learning and being dependent on the abilities of teachers.

Bernido also reported that recent performance indicators have shown that the system works. At the Central Visayan Institute Foundation (CVIF) where the system has been practiced since 2002, 45.3% or 48 of 106 fourth year students belong to the percentile rank of 90 and above in English and 51% or 54 of 106 seniors belong to the same percentile rank of 90 and above in Mathematics at the 2010 National Career Assessment Examination.

Guest of honor Eugenia Gorgon, Assistant Director of the Bureau of Secondary Education of the DepEd congratulated the leadership of the province, including the DepEd Division of Bohol led by Schools District Superintendent Dr. Lorna Rances on the initiative of implementing the learning innovation which assures of quality education.

Gorgon stated that the remarkability of the DLP implementation lies in the “beautiful marriage” of the learning by doing approach and the DepEd curriculum. 24.5 M students in the country expect the best education that the teachers can provide and Bohol’s partnership for education is a great investment for the future of the youth, she added.

Friday’s affair also saw the launching of another partnership for education, the Essential Health Care Program where Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 pupils shall be taught basic health habits of brushing their teeth and washing their hands through health kits distribution. (Leah/EDCom)

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